I remember there was an old ruined mansion in Bushehr where people could pay a little amount to go inside. We visited the wrecked house a few times in my childhood. The story behind it was so sad but more importantly, a life lesson which was probably why they took us to the palace several times.

roof-540835_960_720The story goes that the owner was a very rich merchant who was a profligate spender to show off how wealthy he was. People used to say he lit his cigars with burning bills instead of matches in front of others and when big politicians came to Bushehr from the Capital Tehran, he lit candles with bills to show how powerful and rich he was.burning-money-2113914_960_720He used to serve tea in gold tea cups and eat in silver plates and dishes. He was never friendly with anyone and found it disgraceful to talk to the poor.pots-186553_960_720

Eventually, he lost everything, went bankrupt and died without a penny to leave for his children. The poor people who now lived in the mansion with no windows or doors and partially no roof and walls, were his grand children who owned the land. They lived very impoverish lives.person-1172018_960_720They survived with general labors and the money people paid to see the ruined house. They never talked to anyone, nor answered any questions.  It was obvious that they were so ashamed of their grandfather’s past.

My father said that no one ever offered them any jobs because their grandfather was so cruel to the town, and never respected anyone as he saw himself as a superior.

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How my blog started

When I finished writing “Climbing Over Grit” and wanted to start looking for publishers, needed a platform. My daughter suggested a blog would be a great way to communicate with the world. I always loved short stories with moral, piece of advice, to learn from it. I was raised with these short stories and taught them to my kids as well. Now I share it to my wonderful friends who are growing so fast every day.

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All you will hear is Rejection, don’t give up

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Fancy Restaurant|رستوران مجلل



A rich man walked into a fancy restaurant and asked for the best table.


When he sat down, he saw a black woman sitting at the bar.


He didn’t like what he saw. He didn’t like to eat in a beautiful luxury restaurant and see a black woman enjoying the same place that he was. He decided to show her; where her place was and prove to her that she didn’t belong there.


He called the waiter and said: “Everyone will be my guest for dessert, except that black woman.”


The waiter brought the restaurants famous chocolate cake to every single person except the black woman.

The black woman walked to the rich man and with a kind smile, said: “Thank you.”


The rich man got angry and called the waiter and said: “Give everyone a glass of wine under my bill except the black woman.”


The waiter did what the rich man asked.

The black woman came to the rich man and politely thanked him again.


The rich man got frustrated and was about to explode, he called the waiter again and said: “Is this black woman crazy? I was trying to teach her a lesson that she doesn’t belong here and she keeps thanking me.”


The waiter said: “Uh, dear sir; she is not crazy. She is the owner of the restaurant and thanked you for your business.”



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Let’s have fun|بیا خوش بگذرانیم



A group of young boys were passing by a fruit garden as they were hiking.



On their way they saw a pair of ripped shoes and a faded color shirt and worn out pants beside a tree.


Three of the boys laughed and pointed at the clothes and said who would wear that?

They made fun a lot and one of them said: “Let’s have some fun today.”

The other boy said: “I think it belongs to a fruit picker labor.”


The third boy laughed hard and said: “Oh my God, these must be his best clothes and he changed into something worst then these!”

The first boy said: “Let’s take his clothes and hide behind a tree and see if he cries, that would be a great laugh.”

The second boy said: “Let’s leave a frog in his shoes. That would be hilarious.”

The forth boy was listening to all their conversations and smiled and said: “Do you know what would be more fun?”

All three boys were listening carefully.

Forth boy continued: “Seems like these shoes are the same size as mine so I could leave my shoes for him and wear his; just to go home and if you like we can hide behind a tree and watch if he gets happy?”


First boy who was embarrassed of his thinking compare to his friend’s fabulous idea; said: “I have a little money with me, we can leave it in your shoes for him too.”


The second and third boy said together: “We have money too.”


All four boys left their money in the forth boy’s shoes and hid behind a tree and waited. A middle aged skinny man with severe sunburn came by the tree.

channel-3631268__340 (1)

He noticed that his shoes were missing and saw the new pair of shoes, tears came in his eyes. He grabbed the shoes and saw that there was money in the shoes. He burst into cry and looked at the sky and said: “God I never doubt that you always watch over our shoulders.”

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Bad Timing| بد موقع


When I was little, used to get car sick even during short drives. I always had roll down the window and let my head out to get fresh air. One day, my grandmother had a lunch party.




There were many different family members who I hadn’t seen before. The party was very formal and we had to be on our best behavior.


There was an old woman who was very important to my grandmother so we all had to be extra polite around her.


When the party was finished, my grandmother asked my father to give the old woman a ride on our way home. We all said our goodbyes and got into the car with a few other family members to give them rides as well. The respected old lady, my sister, aunts, cousins and I were all stuffed up in the back seat of the car.


This happened 40 years ago where there was no law for wearing seat belts in Iran, and no one cared how many people would ride in one single car. We usually had ten to sixteen family members in one car; honestly, I have no idea how we did that but there must have been more peace and love back then.


So, my father started driving. We were still trying to be polite in front of that old lady. I didn’t feel very good, my car sickness was getting worse every minute, I wasn’t able to get closer to window as the car was very crowded and I was feeling all the foods I had at the party in the back of my throat.



As soon as I opened my mouth to tell my mother that I didn’t feel good, I threw up on that old lady; the most respected member of our family.

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Don’t Let Our Generation Go Extinct|اجازه ندهید نسل ما نابود شود



There lived a fox with his mate near a village. The fox became the father of several cubs and as soon as they grew up he took them to the village to teach them how to obtain food.


The father fox showed his cubs all the fruit gardens of the village. Everyday, he stole from a different garden so his cubs would learn how not to get caught. Days passed and the cubs were learning perfectly.


One of the cubs got curious and asked: “We stole from all the gardens of the village except the garden with the blue door.


We passed it carefully not to be seen. You didn’t look at that door and looked down until you passed even the garden wall.


Why is that? Should we be afraid of this garden? Did anything happen at this garden?”


The father fox said: “This fruit garden belongs to the religious leader of the village. At the end of each week, people gather in a special place to listen to his advice and they believe every thing he says and follow blindly.


If he sees us stealing from his garden, as a form of revenge he will announce to the villagers that who ever hunts fox and eats its meat will go to heaven and will get a private garden there as a special reward.


So trust me, you should avoid this garden even if you are starving or he will cause the extinction of fox generations.”