I remember there was an old ruined mansion in Bushehr where people could pay a little amount to go inside. We visited the wrecked house a few times in my childhood. The story behind it was so sad but more importantly, a life lesson which was probably why they took us to the palace several times.

roof-540835_960_720The story goes that the owner was a very rich merchant who was a profligate spender to show off how wealthy he was. People used to say he lit his cigars with burning bills instead of matches in front of others and when big politicians came to Bushehr from the Capital Tehran, he lit candles with bills to show how powerful and rich he was.burning-money-2113914_960_720He used to serve tea in gold tea cups and eat in silver plates and dishes. He was never friendly with anyone and found it disgraceful to talk to the poor.pots-186553_960_720

Eventually, he lost everything, went bankrupt and died without a penny to leave for his children. The poor people who now lived in the mansion with no windows or doors and partially no roof and walls, were his grand children who owned the land. They lived very impoverish lives.person-1172018_960_720They survived with general labors and the money people paid to see the ruined house. They never talked to anyone, nor answered any questions.  It was obvious that they were so ashamed of their grandfather’s past.

My father said that no one ever offered them any jobs because their grandfather was so cruel to the town, and never respected anyone as he saw himself as a superior.


‘Til Death Do Us Part



TO ALL MY DEAR READERS, A GREAT PIECE OF NEWS FOR ME TODAY, THIS POEM HAS BEEN SELECTED TO APPEAR IN THE GEELONG WRITERS ANTHOLOGY 2017. And I’m feeling blessed and honoured, on this, Leonard Cohen’s Anniversary week of his death last year, 7th November. And thank you, Leonard Cohen, for being there as a guiding light through-out all of my life. 

‘Til Death Do Us Part.

She’s there, in that tall pale building of brick.

Where the Nightingales care and tend to the sick.

She’s there, away from home and her comforting bed.

Where the Doctors try to fix the endless ills, from her head.

She’s there, her absence, reminds me of future plights.

Where my anxieties for her well being, endure her fight.

She’s there, I need to visit her, all day, and every night.

Where the distance to reach her soul, is out of sight.

She’s there…

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Son Of The Pen

a great writer

In Saner Thought

The weekend starts with a bang…….some moron drove his car into a neighbors house…the bedroom to be exact….fortunately the occupant had gotten up to pee….ergo the “big bang”…..

On to bigger things…..

The title was given to me by a friend in Syria many years ago….because I was constantly writing notes, papers and analyses….he said that I was linked to my pen in some mystical way…..ergo I was the “son of the pen”…..

I have been writing for about 50 years…in the beginning I took notes then wrote out the piece in long hand using a fountain pen….I chose the pen because I liked the way it wrote and my penmanship was much better with the fountain pen over a ball point.

I still take many notes before I wrote a post for IST and I am still using a fountain pen…they are harder to find these days and ink…

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Die Erste Eslarner Zeitung – Aus und über Eslarn, sowie die bayerisch-tschechische Region!

House of Heart

There is a bird whose wings are the color of rainbows.

When he grieves his song is the is the sigh of a summer storm.

His laughter is the aurora and his tongue  drizzles honey of

opulent verses that penetrate my veins.

Sandpipers, we wade wide shores of light

and when he is thirsty he sips dew from my feathers

that are dripping with his colors.

When adventure calls to  us,

we lift our wings and fly away.

On the Beach Wall

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It’s Alive!!!

A Book from dear Jack Eason

Have We Had Help?


After what seemed like forever (in reality a calendar month), the third and final edition of Glob’s wonderful tales are now live on Amazon in Kindle and paperback form.

Here are the two main links:



So now is the time for you to read the anthology. Then post that review.

Just remember – we all need a little magic in our lives. Glob’s Tales are chock full of magic and wonderful characters!!!

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