I remember there was an old ruined mansion in Bushehr where people could pay a little amount to go inside. We visited the wrecked house a few times in my childhood. The story behind it was so sad but more importantly, a life lesson which was probably why they took us to the palace several times.

roof-540835_960_720The story goes that the owner was a very rich merchant who was a profligate spender to show off how wealthy he was. People used to say he lit his cigars with burning bills instead of matches in front of others and when big politicians came to Bushehr from the Capital Tehran, he lit candles with bills to show how powerful and rich he was.burning-money-2113914_960_720He used to serve tea in gold tea cups and eat in silver plates and dishes. He was never friendly with anyone and found it disgraceful to talk to the poor.pots-186553_960_720

Eventually, he lost everything, went bankrupt and died without a penny to leave for his children. The poor people who now lived in the mansion with no windows or doors and partially no roof and walls, were his grand children who owned the land. They lived very impoverish lives.person-1172018_960_720They survived with general labors and the money people paid to see the ruined house. They never talked to anyone, nor answered any questions.  It was obvious that they were so ashamed of their grandfather’s past.

My father said that no one ever offered them any jobs because their grandfather was so cruel to the town, and never respected anyone as he saw himself as a superior.


Lost Donkey|خرگمشده



A farmer had a big load of wheat on his donkey’s back and was walking towards the mill.

On his way he saw a tea house and decided to rest a bit and drink some tea.


The farmer tied his donkey to a tree and walked into the tea house.

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After a while, he came out of the tea house and couldn’t see his donkey. He started asking around and no one knew anything about his lost donkey.


He saw a young boy and asked him if he had seen his donkey.

The boy said: “Are you talking about the donkey who’s left eye is blind, right foot is lame and is carrying wheat?”


Farmer got happy and said: “Yes, yes!”

The boy responded:  “No, I haven’t seen your donkey.”

The farmer got angry and accused the boy of stealing his donkey and forced him to go to the judge’s house.

The farmer explained to the judge how specific the boy was about his donkey’s particulars.

Judge asked the boy: “How could you possibly know so much about his donkey but claim you haven’t seen it?”

The boy said: “I was passing by the road.


I saw a wheat line on the road. Only the grass on the right side was shorter and one of four of the foot prints made deeper hole. So when the farmer was asking for his lost donkey, I assumed the donkey’s left eye was blind thus couldn’t see the left side grass and didn’t eat it. The deeper foot step was obvious that the donkey was lame at right foot and the wheat line made me realize that it was carrying wheat.

I swear your honour, I haven’t seen the farmer’s donkey.”




More Devious than the Devil| حیله گرتراز شیطان


A woman asked the Devil: “Do you see that man, the tailor?” and pointed to a small deprived shop.


Devil said: “Yes.”

The woman said: “He loves his wife so much. Can you make him hate his wife?”


Devil responded: “It would be very easy.”

The devil walked towards the shop. He tried many tricks on the tailor but couldn’t convince him to dislike his wife. He came back towards the woman and confessed that he is not able to deceive each and every human.


The woman said: “But a woman can.”


She walked to the tailor’s shop, pointed to an expensive fabric and said: “Can I have two meters of this fine fabric? My son would like to buy a gift for his lover and asked me to help him.”


The tailor cut two meters of the fabric and handed it to her. The woman walked towards the tailor’s house and knocked on the door. The tailor’s wife opened the door and saw a stranger.


The woman asked: “Sorry my child but I am lost, hungry and thirsty. Could you feed me so that I get my strength and go back home?”

The kind wife of the tailor invited her in and went to the kitchen to prepare some food.


The woman hid the fabric behind the door. She ate the food and thanked the tailor’s wife for her hospitality and left the place.


When the tailor came home, he saw the fabric. The tailor remembered the story of the woman’s son’s gift to his lover and assumed that his wife was the lover of that customer’s son.


 When the tailor was fighting and accusing his wife, the woman looked at the devil and said: “Do you see how we [women] can be more deceiving than the devil? Watch how we can be an angel too.”


The woman knocked on the tailor’s door. When he opened the door, she said: “Sorry to bother you sir, I was tired and hungry and your very kind wife invited me in and fed me food. When I was leaving I forgot to take my fabric with me. Could you please bring it to me?”

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