What Is Your Job?|شغل شما چیست؟



Once a friend, who is a successful pediatric Doctor was sharing an effective memory of his.


He said;

I was coming out of a bank very happy because I had just deposited a great amount of money out of my hard work.


In those days, there were no cell phones to make a phone call while you were out, you had to use public phones.


I didn’t have any change so I decided to get some change from the guy who had a little shop on the street. A not-so big cloth was spread on the ground with some batteries, and other small things.


I really didn’t need any of those things so I approached him and said: “Sorry, can I get some change please, I need to make a phone call,” and showed him my bill.


He smiled and gave me a coin from a separate jar and said: “No need to pay me, these coins are here for people who need to make a phone call. Just say ‘God bless.’”


Then I saw some other people taking coins from his jar and saying “God bless” and then going to the phone booth.

I asked the battery seller: “How much do you make to be able to donate this much money every day?!!”

He smiled and said: “I make $200 or more, and everyday I put $50 in the change jar. I’ve seen many people who’ve had to make a phone call and didn’t have change, so I decided to make this donation and help others this way. I make good money. I have enough to help others.”

I was so ashamed. I was embarrassed. This guy was making a little money and was donating one forth of it every single day, and I was making a fortune and had never done anything good for others.

I had to do something. His pure soul changed me.

From that day on I asked my in-need patients to pay me with a “God bless”.


What a great feeling and what a happy life I have had since.

GOD BLESS you my friend for teaching me how rich you were and how poor I was.



Kids have the kindest hearts|بچه ها مهربانترین قلبها رادارند





In a very small village, there was a little school with two classes, one for boys and one for girls.



A very kind couple were the teachers of the school.


Kids in the school were underprivileged. The couple wanted to help a lot but they didn’t have much either. They wrote to the school boards asking for some help but none of their letters were taken seriously.



One day, they decided to give one prize to each class from their own pocket to the extent that they could afford.

They chose to give a complete outfit of a dress and shoes to one girl and a shirt, pants and shoes to one boy.



The teachers went to their class and announced: “Now that school is almost over, the board is gifting one set of clothing for your hard work. Please write down your names and drop them into this bag. We will be pulling out one name and the lucky person will get the clothing.”


All the students dropped their folded paper in the bag.

Both teachers brought all the students to the front yard to do the balloting.


First was the girls’ polling. Their teacher put her hand in the bag and shuffled. She brought one paper out. When she unfolded it, there was a big “Sima” written on it.

Sima got so excited and cried secretly.


Now it was boys’ turn. Their teacher did the same and took out a paper and unfolded it.

“Ali” was written on the paper. Ali was Sima’s brother. They both won the prize and were so happy. The kids were cheering for them.


All the students went home and the couple looked at each other and said: “What a coincidence!”

Sima and Ali were a little poorer and more broken than the others.

The couple got curious and emptied their bags to see the names.

Tears came to their eyes when they saw only “SIMA” was written on all folded paper of girls’ class, and “ALI” on all folded paper of the boys.

Even though all the kids were in need, they all knew Sima and Ali needed the clothes more.



I Need Help!|!من به کمک نیاز دارم

A very hard-working and poor widow decided to find a way to talk to God.


She called the local radio station and said: “I have a message for God. Could you please send my demand to Him?”


The radio host thought she was joking around and said with laughter: “Be my guest, I will broadcast your message but I won’t promise that God listens to our radio station.”


The widow said: “God please hear my message and help me feed my children and be able to pay my outstanding rents.” She gave her name and address on broadcast.

A rich man heard her on the radio and said: “What a senseless woman. How could she believe that God listens to the radio and will send her money? Some people are very thoughtless. I can’t take it.”


He asked his employee to buy some food and supplies and also gave a good amount of money and said: “Go to the woman’s address and when she asked who sent the foods and money, tell her ‘Satan the devil’ sent her all these goods.”



The employee did as he was told and when he handed everything to the widow, she thanked God for hearing her and helping.


The employee said: “It was Satan who sent you all these great foods, supplies and money.”

She responded: “When God wants to help someone, he will even make the devil do the job.”


How much is a house in heaven?|قیمت یک خانه در بهشت چنداست؟



Once upon a time, the queen of Gem-Land was walking around with her servants when she saw a poor guy sitting on the ground drawing some lines on dirt with his finger while kids were circled around him.



The queen asked him: “What are you doing?”

He responded: “I am building a home.”

The queen said: “Are you willing to sell your home?”

He said: “Yes.” and gave a price to the queen.

The queen asked her servants to provide the money and pay the full amount. She bought the imaginary house of his. The simple guy gave all the money that he earned to the poor neighbors around him right away.



That same night, the king had a dream that he was dead and was trying to get into a beautiful house but the guards wouldn’t let him in. When he asked the reason they said: “This house belongs to the queen.”


When the king woke up the next day, he described his dream to everyone.

The queen told him about the story of the simple man and the imaginary house.

Everyone at the palace believed that the king’s dream was related to the generosity of the queen.

The king didn’t want to be left behind so he went to find that simple minded poor man whose job was sitting around and drawing houses on the dirt.


The king and his solders found the guy and the king said: “I am here to buy your house.”

The poor guy said a price that was mind blowing.

The king objected and said: “You sold a house to the queen yesterday with an affordable amount?! Why is your price so high today?!”


The simple guy responded: “The queen bought the house out of kindness. But you want to buy a house to be able to replace it with a house in heaven.”

Lost Donkey|خرگمشده



A farmer had a big load of wheat on his donkey’s back and was walking towards the mill.

On his way he saw a tea house and decided to rest a bit and drink some tea.


The farmer tied his donkey to a tree and walked into the tea house.

4643800724_9987e761c3 (1)

After a while, he came out of the tea house and couldn’t see his donkey. He started asking around and no one knew anything about his lost donkey.


He saw a young boy and asked him if he had seen his donkey.

The boy said: “Are you talking about the donkey who’s left eye is blind, right foot is lame and is carrying wheat?”


Farmer got happy and said: “Yes, yes!”

The boy responded:  “No, I haven’t seen your donkey.”

The farmer got angry and accused the boy of stealing his donkey and forced him to go to the judge’s house.

The farmer explained to the judge how specific the boy was about his donkey’s particulars.

Judge asked the boy: “How could you possibly know so much about his donkey but claim you haven’t seen it?”

The boy said: “I was passing by the road.


I saw a wheat line on the road. Only the grass on the right side was shorter and one of four of the foot prints made deeper hole. So when the farmer was asking for his lost donkey, I assumed the donkey’s left eye was blind thus couldn’t see the left side grass and didn’t eat it. The deeper foot step was obvious that the donkey was lame at right foot and the wheat line made me realize that it was carrying wheat.

I swear your honour, I haven’t seen the farmer’s donkey.”




Generosity comes by heart|سخاوت از قلب می آید


Once a friend said:

He was at a high-class convenience store in a rich neighborhood picking up some milk and eggs when he saw a stranger pointing to a bag of bread.



The stranger asked the owner if he would lower the price so the stranger could afford to buy it.


He mentioned that he was not a beggar, he just didn’t have enough money and was hungry.


The owner surprisingly said no.


The hungry stranger walked out of the store sadly. My friend picked up the bread and told the owner (who knew him), that he will come back to pay, he then ran towards the stranger and handed him the bread. The stranger thanked my friend who then walked back to the store and didn’t say a word, paid for everything and went home.



The next day, as my friend was walking to work, a little girl approached him and asked if he would buy a flower from her.


He reached his pocket but unfortunately he didn’t have any cash, and sadly told the girl how sorry he was that he couldn’t buy a flower from her.

The little girl smiled kindly and said, “I’ll give you one free flower today no problem. You can buy some another day,” and handed him a red rose.


My friend said that was an amazing act, and taught him a lot. A little girl with no money, who was probably feeding a family was generous enough to give him a free flower but a rich convenience store owner didn’t give a discount on a bag of bread.

Stupid Brain|مغز احمق

My favourite memories of my childhood consist of all the beautiful fairytales that my mother used to tell us before we went to sleep. All of the stories that I share in my blog are those memorable tales that always taught us great lessons.

Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy young man in a small village. He decided to ask the head of the village how he could find happiness.


The head of the village advised him: “Go to a not so far town towards the East. There lives a wise man who knows the answer to every question. Ask him how to find happiness.”


The young man liked the head of the village’s advice and started walking early the next morning. He walked and walked until he saw an unhappy wolf. He asked the wolf: “What is wrong?”


The Wolf responded: “I suffer from headaches everyday.”

The young man said: “Don’t worry, I am going to see the famous wise man and will ask for your cure as well.” Then he continued his way. He walked and walked until he saw a big dry land and an unhappy owner.


The young man asked: “Why are you unhappy?” and he replied: “My father left me this land before he died but I am not allowed to sell it. It’s been five years since my father’s death. I am so broke, I really need to sell it.”

The young man promised that he would bring the answer to him, and continued walking.


He saw a small town with lots of soldiers and an unhappy king. He asked the king why he was unhappy. The king explained that he was very afraid to lose his kingdom as they kept losing all the battles.

The young man said that he will come back with an answer.

After a long walk that lasted many days, he got to the town of the wise man. He went to see him and began telling his and his friends’ problems.

The wise man told him all the answers and promised him that he would be a happy man when he went back.

The young man went to the king and said: “You are afraid because you have a secret. You are a woman who can’t tell his people the truth because they won’t believe a woman can rule.”


The king said: “Now that you know my secret, marry me and help me rule my kingdom.” He refused and said: “I was promised that when I go back I will be happy so I have to go back.”

He walked to the dry land with the unhappy owner and said: “Your father left the land for you to grow grains in it, so you would make money and be able to keep the land and live a good life.”

The owner said: “so stay with me and let’s farm together and I will share half the profit with you.”

The young man said: “I can’t. I have to go back to be happy.”

The young man got to the wolf and said: “In order to cure your headaches you, need to eat the brain of a stupid man.”


So wolf jumped on him and ate his stupid brain.