Young Olive Tree|نهال زیتون



The king of a far away territory was passing by a farm. He saw a 90-year-old man planting a young olive tree.


The king got closer to the old man and said: “With all due respect sir, are you planting a young olive tree?”


The old man said: “Yes, your majesty.”

The king continued asking: “Did you know that it will take 20 years for this young olive tree to develop olives?! You are a 90 year old man, with what hope are you planting this twig?”


The old man smiled and said: “Everyone else planted and we ate; now we plant for others to eat.”


The king liked the answer and gave some valuable coins to the old man.


The old man laughed.

The king asked with wonder: “Why are you laughing?”

The old man said: “Everyone else’s olive trees give profit in 20 years, but my olive twig gave profit right away.”


The king enjoyed the answer again and gave more gold coins to the old man.

The old man laughed again.

The king had to ask: “What did you laugh about this time?”

The old man said: “Olive trees give profit once a year but my olive twig gave profit twice in one day.”

olives-15016__340 (1)

The king jumped on his horse back and ran away fast from the old man and his farm.

The king’s right hand-side got closer to king and asked in shock: “Why did you run away so fast after the old man’s answer?”


The king said: “His 90 years of experience and knowledge would have made me bankrupt if I would’ve continued asking questions.”



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Don’t mistake impolite behavior with being smart|رفتار غیراخلاقی رابا,باهوش بودن اشتباه نگیر



Shahrokh was at his friend’s house for a visit.


His friend’s son was doing homework when the door bell rang. His friend’s father walked in with a box of color pencils for his grandson.


When the grandson got the gift he loudly said: “But grandpa, these colored pencils have no brand and they don’t have good quality.”


His friend’s wife smiled and said: “See Dad, you can’t trick kids these days because they are very smart.”


The poor grandpa didn’t know what to say.

Shahrokh didn’t like what he saw and heard so he looked at his friend’s son and said: “When I was a little boy, my grandma gifted me a broken sugar cube.


I didn’t like it but I politely said thank you and went to my Dad and complained quietly to him; “Why did your mother give me a sugar cube as a walk-in gift. This sugar cube is worth nothing.”

And my Dad said: “When Grandma was a little girl, it was world war II and people didn’t have enough food to eat and having a piece of sugar cube was a dream.


Grandma still believes the sugar cubes are precious and valuable because it was once her wish to have one.


I know that we have a full jar of sugar cubes in the house but they’re just sweet. They are not caring, loving and kind sugar cubes. When someone very close to us gives us a gift, they do it out of their sweet heart, they want to show us how much they love us and that is priceless. You will never be able to find that in any store with the most expensive price.” After 40 years I never found any sugar cube as sweet as my grandma’s gifts that could make my heart and soul sweet as well.”




A Real Loser|بازنده واقعی




A friend once said;

I was 18 when my aunt found out that her husband was having an affair with his secretary.



The secretary got pregnant and her husband wanted to marry her.  My aunt tried for years but couldn’t get pregnant. She knew one day her husband would leave her because he wanted his own child.

My aunt divorced her husband at the age of 46.


To fulfill her loneliness and get rid of the sadness, she started drawing and painting classes to learn what she always said, was her passion.


Her drawings were so embarrassing and if no one knew, they would think a little kindergartner drew them. To me, she was a real loser and I was very ashamed of her. I thought:  she was 46, she should work harder and think of her retirement, not waste her time on painting and making a fool of herself.


My father was one year older than my aunt. My father never did these crazy silly things; he just worked and worked very hard. He was always very focused.

Years passed and I became 40 years old, I was living in another country, educated and having a good life. One day when I called home, my sister picked up the phone. She said Mom went to visit aunt’s painting gallery. And my sister was there staying with Dad.

“Aunt’s gallery?!” I asked.


My sister said: “Yes, she’s a famous painter. She had several successful art shows so far and sold many of her paintings. She even teaches drawing and painting.”


I remembered the day that I thought my aunt was a loser and my father wasn’t. Now I could see how healthy and happy my aunt was and my father with almost the same age is a tired retired man who only solve puzzles, drinks tea and goes for walks thinking about his old days, but my aunt built a happy and successful retirement.


My aunt thought me how not to be a loser; to follow my dreams and never be embarrassed about something that I am passionate about.



Father’s binoculars|دوربین پدر



I remember once we were having a picnic on a beautiful cliff called “Heleylah” with a great view of the Persian Gulf in Bushehr-Iran. As usual we were gathered by our big family and were having a great time.


I recall that on our left side in a very far distance, there was Nuclear Power Plant surrounded by barbed wire.


Bushehr’s Nuclear Power Plant is one of the most important and critical points in Iran. It was established in 1973.

My father had cool binoculars and was showing each one of us the new Nuclear Power Plant and was explaining that Shah has established it for a great cause.



He said that the Nuclear Power Plant would easily filter the Persian Gulf’s water and that would be amazing for farming.


Iran would be green and independent in many farming products. We also looked at the beautiful seagulls flying over the fantastic dark blue water which made the scene unforgettable.


We were all eating, playing and enjoying the moment when we noticed that six army cars were driving towards us with a very fast speed which caused a thick cloud of dust behind them.


In a very short time all the six cars surrounded all our cars in such a way where no one could run away. Many army officers and soldiers jumped out of those cars with big guns pointed at us. We were so shocked and scared.


One of the officers said: “You are under arrest.”

My father’s face was white as chalk. “Why? What did we do?” He asked with a startled voice.

The officer responded: “For taking illegal pictures of a forbidden zone. Taking pictures of a government protected and prohibited area is a huge crime.”


My father said: “But we don’t have a camera with us. I had no idea that it was illegal to look at the Nuclear Power Plant with binoculars. I was just explaining to my kids what good it would do for our country. I am so sorry.”

It was obvious that he believed my father as there was no one but many children and women. He believed that we were not spies or any secret agents, but he had to act professionally and searched all the cars inch by inch. After two straight hours they didn’t find any camera and just saw the binoculars.


We were not arrested in the end, but the picnic turned into an unforgettable memory.




The Blind|روشن دل




A blind man was walking in a dark ally while carrying a clay pot of water on his shoulder and a lit lantern in his other hand.


A nosy person was passing in the opposite direction and as soon as he saw the blind man, he started laughing and making fun of him.


The nosy person said: “Maybe I should remind you that you are blind.”


The blind man tried to ignore him and just continued walking.


The nosy person added: “Why would a blind person need a light? To hope to see?”, he laughed loudly and continued: “In your eyes days and nights are just dark, what would this lantern do for you?”


The blind man smiled and replied: “My son, you are absolutely right that days and nights are always dark in my eyes. But I am not carrying this lantern to see what’s in front of me, I am carrying it so that dark minded people like you can see what is in front of them, to be careful not to hit me and break my clay pot. Smart people stay cautious of the unwise. I may be blind sighted, but you are blind minded.”



True Meaning of Love|معنای واقعی عشق

There lived a very poor old couple.


One day, when they were sitting together the old lady said: “I wish you could buy me a comb, so I could comb my hair.


It is very hard to keep my long hair neat without combing it. It is very messy and doesn’t look good at all.”

The old man sighed loudly and replied: “My dear, I am so sorry that I was not able to buy you a comb. I don’t even have money to buy a wrist band for my watch. It’s been ripped for a long time.”


The old woman smiled and kept quiet.


That night the couple stayed silent for a long time and didn’t sleep well.

The next day after work the old man took his watch to several shops to sell.


Thrift stores rejected him and said that it didn’t worth a penny. He begged the last thrift store to at least exchange it with a comb.


The store manager felt bad and agreed to exchange the worthless watch for a comb. He got the comb for his wife and walked home happily.

When he got home and wanted to hand the comb to his wife, he saw her with very short hair. He got shocked and said: “I loved your long hair, why did you cut it?”

and she said: “I sold my hair and bought a wrist band for your watch.”









There lived a very rich man with his wife in a town. The rich couple didn’t have any children and lived alone with all their fortune in a big castle.


The rich man didn’t spend a penny on the poor, making everyone in the town despise him so deeply.

There lived a generous butcher in the town who donated huge amounts of meat weekly to the people in need. People of the town loved him and respected him so dearly.


So many times, people pointed out the butcher’s bigheartedness to the rich man but he ignored them.

The grocery store also donated free commodities to deprived people.


Owners of shoe stores, clothing stores, school supply stores and many more didn’t charge if they felt that customer was underprivileged.


There was a small medical center in town that treated deprived patients for free and gave them free medicine.


The rich man didn’t learn from all these generosities and continued living selfishly as he always did. People always anathematized him.

The rich man got sick for a few days and passed away beside his only member of the family, his wife.



No one came to his funeral except the butcher, grocery guy, and all the store owners and heads of the town. People were mad and said the rich guy didn’t deserve a funeral.



The wife was so sad and couldn’t live in the big castle alone, so she sold everything and moved to a big city.

From that day on, there was no more meat for the butcher to give for free, the poor no longer received free groceries, no patient got free treatment, no poor kid wore new shoes and clothes, for the rich man and woman were behind all of the generosities.