More Devious than the Devil| حیله گرتراز شیطان


A woman asked the Devil: “Do you see that man, the tailor?” and pointed to a small deprived shop.


Devil said: “Yes.”

The woman said: “He loves his wife so much. Can you make him hate his wife?”


Devil responded: “It would be very easy.”

The devil walked towards the shop. He tried many tricks on the tailor but couldn’t convince him to dislike his wife. He came back towards the woman and confessed that he is not able to deceive each and every human.


The woman said: “But a woman can.”


She walked to the tailor’s shop, pointed to an expensive fabric and said: “Can I have two meters of this fine fabric? My son would like to buy a gift for his lover and asked me to help him.”


The tailor cut two meters of the fabric and handed it to her. The woman walked towards the tailor’s house and knocked on the door. The tailor’s wife opened the door and saw a stranger.


The woman asked: “Sorry my child but I am lost, hungry and thirsty. Could you feed me so that I get my strength and go back home?”

The kind wife of the tailor invited her in and went to the kitchen to prepare some food.


The woman hid the fabric behind the door. She ate the food and thanked the tailor’s wife for her hospitality and left the place.


When the tailor came home, he saw the fabric. The tailor remembered the story of the woman’s son’s gift to his lover and assumed that his wife was the lover of that customer’s son.


 When the tailor was fighting and accusing his wife, the woman looked at the devil and said: “Do you see how we [women] can be more deceiving than the devil? Watch how we can be an angel too.”


The woman knocked on the tailor’s door. When he opened the door, she said: “Sorry to bother you sir, I was tired and hungry and your very kind wife invited me in and fed me food. When I was leaving I forgot to take my fabric with me. Could you please bring it to me?”

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Best Choice|بهترین انتخاب

Three old men knocked on a door.


A young woman opened the door.


The Three old men said: “We are hungry and tired, could you help us?”


She responded: “My husband and son are inside the house and we would be glad to help you.”


One of the old men said: “My name is WEALTH, that one is SUCCESS and the other one is LOVE. Only one of us can come in. Go and ask your husband which one of us should come to your house.”


She walked back inside and told the circumstances to her husband and son.

Her husband said: “Let the wealth in. We need that. We can do anything with wealth.”


She said: “Why not to let the success come in. We can have wealth if we’re successful.”

Their son said: “We should let the love in. A home is home when it is full of love.”


She walked back to the door and said: “We would like love to walk in to our house,” and left the door open wide.

All three old men walked in to the house.

She said with wonder: “but you told me only one of you can come in.”

One of the old men responded: “Whoever chooses LOVE, wealth and success

come with it automatically.”


Quails and The Farmer|بلدرچین و کشاورز


There, in a big wheat field, lived two quails with their chicks. For months they lived peacefully between the wheat.



Now that the entire field turned beautifully golden, showing that harvesting season was close, it was time for the quails and their chicks to be concerned and ready to move.



Every day, while the mother and father quail went out to find a safe place to move into, they asked their chicks to listen carefully to hear what the farmer says.

The quails always returned before dark and the first thing they asked their chicks were: “What did the farmer say?”


One of the chicks said: “The farmer asked his son to go to the other farms and ask them to come tomorrow to help harvest the wheat.”

Mother quail said: “There is nothing to be worry about, we will still be safe tomorrow.”


The next day, the quails went house hunting once again and the chicks were alert for any news. When their parents came back, the chicks said: “Today the farmer asked his son to go to their relatives and ask them to come and help them crop their wheat tomorrow.”


Father quail smiled and said: “Sleep well my chicks, as there is nothing to be worry about, we will still be safe tomorrow.”


The third day when quails came back to their nest, the chicks said: “Today the farmer told his son that they can’t wait any longer and asked him to go sharpen their scythes to harvest the wheats tomorrow.”

Mother and father quail both said: “We should be concerned and move early morning.”


One of the chicks said: “How come you were not concerned the other nights with those messages but tonight that message made you worry?”

Mother quail said: “The other nights they were hoping and waiting for others to help them, so we had a safe place to stay.But today, they didn’t count on anyone’s help and were willing to do the job themselves. Now the farm is not safe for us.”

Stupid Brain|مغز احمق

My favourite memories of my childhood consist of all the beautiful fairytales that my mother used to tell us before we went to sleep. All of the stories that I share in my blog are those memorable tales that always taught us great lessons.

Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy young man in a small village. He decided to ask the head of the village how he could find happiness.


The head of the village advised him: “Go to a not so far town towards the East. There lives a wise man who knows the answer to every question. Ask him how to find happiness.”


The young man liked the head of the village’s advice and started walking early the next morning. He walked and walked until he saw an unhappy wolf. He asked the wolf: “What is wrong?”


The Wolf responded: “I suffer from headaches everyday.”

The young man said: “Don’t worry, I am going to see the famous wise man and will ask for your cure as well.” Then he continued his way. He walked and walked until he saw a big dry land and an unhappy owner.


The young man asked: “Why are you unhappy?” and he replied: “My father left me this land before he died but I am not allowed to sell it. It’s been five years since my father’s death. I am so broke, I really need to sell it.”

The young man promised that he would bring the answer to him, and continued walking.


He saw a small town with lots of soldiers and an unhappy king. He asked the king why he was unhappy. The king explained that he was very afraid to lose his kingdom as they kept losing all the battles.

The young man said that he will come back with an answer.

After a long walk that lasted many days, he got to the town of the wise man. He went to see him and began telling his and his friends’ problems.

The wise man told him all the answers and promised him that he would be a happy man when he went back.

The young man went to the king and said: “You are afraid because you have a secret. You are a woman who can’t tell his people the truth because they won’t believe a woman can rule.”


The king said: “Now that you know my secret, marry me and help me rule my kingdom.” He refused and said: “I was promised that when I go back I will be happy so I have to go back.”

He walked to the dry land with the unhappy owner and said: “Your father left the land for you to grow grains in it, so you would make money and be able to keep the land and live a good life.”

The owner said: “so stay with me and let’s farm together and I will share half the profit with you.”

The young man said: “I can’t. I have to go back to be happy.”

The young man got to the wolf and said: “In order to cure your headaches you, need to eat the brain of a stupid man.”


So wolf jumped on him and ate his stupid brain.

Savior|نجات دهنده

My husband’s grandparents’ house has a massive front yard with a big swimming pool that makes every summer fun for all the kids in the family.



One day, when my husband was a teenager, he decided to visit his grandparents. As he walked past the swimming pool to get to the front door, he saw a little boy face down, floating in the swimming pool with nobody else around. It was his three year old cousin, Ben. My husband instantly panicked and jumped into the pool with all of his clothes on and saved Ben’s life.


There isn’t a moment my husband’s aunt doesn’t thank God that he was in the right place at the right time.

Years passed as my husband moved to Canada, eventually married me and had two kids.

Every few years we go back home to Iran visit to our families and friends.  When our son was nine years old and our daughter was three, my kids and I went to Iran for a visit while my husband was busy at work in Toronto. When we arrived in Iran, everyone was kind to us as always and invited us over to their homes. We spent every moment with family and friends, not wasting a single moment.

One day, everyone was gathered at my husband’s grandparents’ house.


We were all busy talking and laughing when I took my eyes off my three-year-old daughter for a few seconds. When I looked to find her with my eyes, I saw her floating in the swimming pool, face down. I got shocked and started screaming right away, but that’s when I saw Ben dropping his cellphone and jumping into the same swimming pool that my husband saved him when he was three, and saved our three years old daughter’s life.


Now he was in the right place at the right time.


Tiny House|خانه کوچک

Once upon a time, there was a poor man living in a tiny house with his wife and five children. The house was so small that it only had one room which they used as their kitchen, living room and bedroom.


In his very small yard he had a cow, a goat and a few chickens. Their living space was putting them under pressure; it was very hard to sleep at night with all seven of them in one room, making them complain each and every night.

One day he decided to go to their village’s wise man and asks him what to do.


The wise man listened to his situation and told him: “Take the chickens to your room tonight to sleep with all of you.” The poor man said: “But we already don’t have enough space for ourselves.”

The wise man said: “If you want your problem to be solved, do as I tell you.”

That night, the poor man took the chickens inside.


The poor man and his family didn’t get a single minute of sleep that night. He went to the wise man again the next day and told him all about their difficult night.

The wise man said: “Tonight, you should take the goat and the chickens in your room.”


The poor man left angrily, but did what he was told. That night was a nightmare as well, so he went to the wise man the next morning.

The wise man said: “Tonight, your cow is coming to your room as well as the goat and chickens.”


The poor man mumbled and left. That tiny room didn’t have enough space to fit the cow so everyone where standing side by side until the morning.

The next day the wise man said: “Tonight, take all of your animals outside and sleep, come to me tomorrow and let me know what happened.”

The poor man and his family slept comfortable all night without any problems. The next morning he went to the wise man and said that he never had such a wonderful sleep in years.

The wise man said: “This is exactly how we are. When we have something, we don’t appreciate it. If we lose it then we realize how precious it was. We need to be patient and thankful for what we have.”

Private Property|ملک شخصی


Travelling was a big part of my childhood. We were originally from Shiraz.  My father loved driving long distances.



He believed that all Iranians should see every spot in Iran first before travelling anywhere else in the world. Because of this, we’d gather in two or three cars along with our extended family and drive to different parts of the country one month of every summer to see centuries worth of history of Iran.


Undeniably, Iran is an incredibly beautiful country with many historical sites to see and for us kids, every one of our road trips were the epitome of a dream vacation. There was no school or homework, only endless playing and freedom ‘til we dropped. I loved adventure and kept my eyes open to record every second of it; maybe I knew one day I would write about those days.


One summer, we wanted to head towards the north. The north of Iran are the greenest parts of the country.  The weather is mostly foggy, rainy and the humidity is very high. Our eyes never got tired of watching beautiful forest and green lands.


The trips were never tiring because we’d stop frequently along the way. This time, my father chose a green land beside the road which looked great for having a lunch picnic break. We all helped spread the carpets and lay out all the things we needed. As our mothers were preparing lunch, us kids didn’t waste any time and started playing while our fathers laid comfortably on the carpets and talked.

Shortly after, the sound of a man shouting came from a distance captured everyone’s attention. My father said that we might be on somebody’s land and made them mad. We then noticed a man running towards us. My father got up really fast and wore his shoes so that he could be ready to talk to the young man. As he got closer to us, we started to hear that he was yelling, “Get out! Get out!” My father started apologizing and explaining that he didn’t know he had stopped at a private property. The man got close to us and said to my Dad, “Sir, you are sitting on a snake land!” In that moment, everybody looked down and saw thousands of snakes covering the land. The snakes were so black and brown, many piled up next to and on top of each other that it looked like land.


Everybody started screaming and jumping up and down. The scene was terrifying and at the same time hilarious. All the kids and mothers jumped into the cars while the fathers were scared as well, but they had to act brave and get all of our things off the land infested with snakes. The young man said, “Don’t worry these snakes aren’t poisonous.” And he helped us get our belongings.

It might have been a scary moment with no lunch, but an unforgettable day.