What Is Your Job?|شغل شما چیست؟



Once a friend, who is a successful pediatric Doctor was sharing an effective memory of his.


He said;

I was coming out of a bank very happy because I had just deposited a great amount of money out of my hard work.


In those days, there were no cell phones to make a phone call while you were out, you had to use public phones.


I didn’t have any change so I decided to get some change from the guy who had a little shop on the street. A not-so big cloth was spread on the ground with some batteries, and other small things.


I really didn’t need any of those things so I approached him and said: “Sorry, can I get some change please, I need to make a phone call,” and showed him my bill.


He smiled and gave me a coin from a separate jar and said: “No need to pay me, these coins are here for people who need to make a phone call. Just say ‘God bless.’”


Then I saw some other people taking coins from his jar and saying “God bless” and then going to the phone booth.

I asked the battery seller: “How much do you make to be able to donate this much money every day?!!”

He smiled and said: “I make $200 or more, and everyday I put $50 in the change jar. I’ve seen many people who’ve had to make a phone call and didn’t have change, so I decided to make this donation and help others this way. I make good money. I have enough to help others.”

I was so ashamed. I was embarrassed. This guy was making a little money and was donating one forth of it every single day, and I was making a fortune and had never done anything good for others.

I had to do something. His pure soul changed me.

From that day on I asked my in-need patients to pay me with a “God bless”.


What a great feeling and what a happy life I have had since.

GOD BLESS you my friend for teaching me how rich you were and how poor I was.



Extravagant Talks|خرافات


There was a very kind old lady helping my mother during our childhood by babysitting us.


She was very skinny with a long face full of deep wrinkles. You could easily get a sense that she had an extremely painful life.


We loved her and respected her a lot. My mother was very kind and generous to her as much as she possibly could. We called her “Nane Ali.”


She had her own beliefs. For instance, she never liked to take a picture or be in family photos. We really wanted to have a photo to remember her for ever but she always refused.


Years passed and we grew up. One day me and my sister decided to pay a visit to Nane Ali.


Nane Ali got very excited and hugged us. We talked about all her kindness and how honored we were to have her growing up, and how she was always like a grandmother to us.


She felt very pleased and blissful.

My sister asked her: “Nane Ali, how come you never let us take a picture with you? We would love to have a picture with you please.”

This time she didn’t refuse our request; she stood between us and we took some pictures together and some of her only.



Then she said: “The reason that I never took any pictures in my life was because I believed that I would be cursed and die the day after they take a picture of me.

We laughed and said: “Oh dear Nane these thoughts are nonsense, superstitious and just silly extravagant talks.”

She smiled and didn’t argue. We said our goodbyes and finished that wonderful day with a big hug.

The next day they informed us that Nane Ali passed away!

No Sympathy|بدون همدردی



Once upon a time in a distant land, people lived in peace and happiness.


They had a simple life with simple jobs. Everyone worked hard to make an honest living.


There lived a man whose job was to deliver letters from town to town by riding his horse.


One time, when he was on the road as his horse was galloping very fast, the man saw a person lying on the side of the road.


He slowed his horse down and stopped, got off his horse and approached the man lying on the muddy ground.

The injured man was covered in mud and didn’t look very well.

The rider first tried to give sympathy and find out where exactly he was injured.

In a split second, the injured man jumped up and ran as fast as the wind to the horse, hopped on him and rode away.


The messenger who was kind enough to care to stop and help an injured person beside the road got very sad and disappointed.


He screamed loud for the man to hear him: “I am not worried about you stealing my horse today. I am mad that when this story spreads, no one will ever help a human being who is actually in need on the road. No one will empathize with others. People will suffer and the world will go mad.”










Kids have the kindest hearts|بچه ها مهربانترین قلبها رادارند





In a very small village, there was a little school with two classes, one for boys and one for girls.



A very kind couple were the teachers of the school.


Kids in the school were underprivileged. The couple wanted to help a lot but they didn’t have much either. They wrote to the school boards asking for some help but none of their letters were taken seriously.



One day, they decided to give one prize to each class from their own pocket to the extent that they could afford.

They chose to give a complete outfit of a dress and shoes to one girl and a shirt, pants and shoes to one boy.



The teachers went to their class and announced: “Now that school is almost over, the board is gifting one set of clothing for your hard work. Please write down your names and drop them into this bag. We will be pulling out one name and the lucky person will get the clothing.”


All the students dropped their folded paper in the bag.

Both teachers brought all the students to the front yard to do the balloting.


First was the girls’ polling. Their teacher put her hand in the bag and shuffled. She brought one paper out. When she unfolded it, there was a big “Sima” written on it.

Sima got so excited and cried secretly.


Now it was boys’ turn. Their teacher did the same and took out a paper and unfolded it.

“Ali” was written on the paper. Ali was Sima’s brother. They both won the prize and were so happy. The kids were cheering for them.


All the students went home and the couple looked at each other and said: “What a coincidence!”

Sima and Ali were a little poorer and more broken than the others.

The couple got curious and emptied their bags to see the names.

Tears came to their eyes when they saw only “SIMA” was written on all folded paper of girls’ class, and “ALI” on all folded paper of the boys.

Even though all the kids were in need, they all knew Sima and Ali needed the clothes more.



I Need Help!|!من به کمک نیاز دارم

A very hard-working and poor widow decided to find a way to talk to God.


She called the local radio station and said: “I have a message for God. Could you please send my demand to Him?”


The radio host thought she was joking around and said with laughter: “Be my guest, I will broadcast your message but I won’t promise that God listens to our radio station.”


The widow said: “God please hear my message and help me feed my children and be able to pay my outstanding rents.” She gave her name and address on broadcast.

A rich man heard her on the radio and said: “What a senseless woman. How could she believe that God listens to the radio and will send her money? Some people are very thoughtless. I can’t take it.”


He asked his employee to buy some food and supplies and also gave a good amount of money and said: “Go to the woman’s address and when she asked who sent the foods and money, tell her ‘Satan the devil’ sent her all these goods.”



The employee did as he was told and when he handed everything to the widow, she thanked God for hearing her and helping.


The employee said: “It was Satan who sent you all these great foods, supplies and money.”

She responded: “When God wants to help someone, he will even make the devil do the job.”


Karim Khan Zand|کریم خان زند


Karim Khan Zand was the founder of the Zand Dynasty and the Shah of Iran in 1751-1779.

images (13)

He was from Shiraz and made Shiraz the Capital of Iran during those years. He was one of the kindest and most righteous kings of Iran.

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Zand ordered the construction of several architectural projects which are now museums.

images (12).jpg

There are many stories about him and I will share one with you:


Every day at a certain time, Karim Khan’s palace was open to public to come visit the king and talk about their needs.

images (14)

Of course there were many who tried to abuse his generosity and make some money out of it, but Karim Khan was smart.

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One of the days, a middle aged man came to visit him and as soon as he saw the king, he started crying so loudly that no one could calm him. After a little while he began to tell his story;

images (2)

“I was born blind and for all these years I was suffering to make a living and take care of my old mother. One day, people told me to ‘go to Karim Khan father’s Tomb and ask for a miracle.’ I went to your father’s grave and cried and begged him to cure my eyes.

That night when I went to sleep, I had a dream that a holy presence walked towards me and introduced himself as Karim Khan’s father. He touched my eyes and left. When I woke up, I realized that I can see. Your father cured my eyes and I am here to thank you and ask for some money as you are a generous family.”

images (5).jpg

Karim Khan got very angry and asked his guards to take both eyes of this impostor off, just to scare him.

images (18)

Karim Khan said: “My father was a bandit, a gangster and a very debauched man. How could such a person bring upon a miracle and have a holy soul. I asked my guards to take your eyes out so you would never lie that you were blind since birth, just to beg for money. But I will forgive you this time and spare your vision. How could we build a great country if it is being based on lies, flattery and rapacity.”






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How do you look at the world around you?|چگونه به جهان اطراف خود نگاه می کنید؟



A woman was complaining a lot about her life to her mother, saying:

“-nights pass by so hard because my husband snores a lot.


-My daughter always complains while washing dishes.


-We pay a lot on taxes and its killing me.

-I come home very tired and exhausted.

-It’s so hard to mop the floor and clean the windows.


-When I get sick, it is frustrating, I don’t have time for that.


-Buying gifts for Christmas is so annoying, I don’t like it.

-I hate waking up early in the morning by my alarm.”

When she stopped to sip her tea, her mom said: “I remember experiencing all of these frustrating life challenges as well. But I looked at them all in a different way and with an opposite attitude. I remember I thanked God every night for;

-My husband is snoring, that means he is alive.

-My daughter is mumbling while washing the dishes, that means she is at home safe.


-We pay lots of taxes, that means we have jobs.


-I come home tired at the end of the day, that means I was capable of doing hard work.

-I have to mop and wash the windows, that means I own a home and I have shelter.


-When I get sick sometimes, it reminds me to be thankful for the healthy days.

-When it is time to buy gifts for Christmas, it means I have loved ones around me.

-When I have to get up early with an alarm, that means I have the chance to see another day.”



The mother sipped her tea and continued: “It is completely up to us my dear, how to look at the world around us.”