Fancy Restaurant|رستوران مجلل



A rich man walked into a fancy restaurant and asked for the best table.


When he sat down, he saw a black woman sitting at the bar.


He didn’t like what he saw. He didn’t like to eat in a beautiful luxury restaurant and see a black woman enjoying the same place that he was. He decided to show her; where her place was and prove to her that she didn’t belong there.


He called the waiter and said: “Everyone will be my guest for dessert, except that black woman.”


The waiter brought the restaurants famous chocolate cake to every single person except the black woman.

The black woman walked to the rich man and with a kind smile, said: “Thank you.”


The rich man got angry and called the waiter and said: “Give everyone a glass of wine under my bill except the black woman.”


The waiter did what the rich man asked.

The black woman came to the rich man and politely thanked him again.


The rich man got frustrated and was about to explode, he called the waiter again and said: “Is this black woman crazy? I was trying to teach her a lesson that she doesn’t belong here and she keeps thanking me.”


The waiter said: “Uh, dear sir; she is not crazy. She is the owner of the restaurant and thanked you for your business.”



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167 thoughts on “Fancy Restaurant|رستوران مجلل

  1. May you always have enough happiness to keep you sweet,
    Enough trials to keep you strong,
    Enough success to keep you eager,
    Enough faith to give you courage,
    And enough determination to make each day a good day.

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  2. Beautiful. I kind of thought that would be the punch line after reading the first part where she thanked him. Unfortunately human nature will continue to have prejudices and stereotypes. I’m glad there have been improvements over the years and we all need to still do what we can to improve societies. Thanks for sharing.

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