An Angel Named Frog| فرشته ای به نام قورباغه


During our summer days, my family and I used to go to my grandma’s villa. Her villa was a big mansion in a very large garden that was a little far from the city of Shiraz.



When my mom’s sisters and brothers gathered, there were more than forty people with kids. Grown ups used to sit together while the kids played without supervision.


Usually after lunches everyone used to take a nap along with their kids. I was only 4 years old, I never liked to take a nap and always pretended to fall sleep beside my mother. On one particular day, everyone was asleep and the big living room was very quiet.


I got bored and sneaked out to the garden area.


There was a special deep pool for watering the garden, not swimming. It was always swampy with many frogs.


I went directly towards the pool and sat by the edge to be able to watch the frogs. As I bent forward to get a good look, my feet slipped and I fell into the pool in a blink of eye.


Of course I didn’t know how to swim. I panicked and struggled for a little while but my little hands got tired and I gave up hope as I sank to the bottom of the pool. I sat in the water terrified, waiting to die. I opened my eyes and looked all around me. I was surrounded by the green water and ooze and many frogs.


One frog drew my attention as it was bigger than the others. I stared at it like it was telling me to look at it and pay attention. The frog then slowly swam towards the top of the water.


I looked carefully and did every thing the frog did, I waved my arms above my head and pushed my legs, just like the frog. Next thing I  knew, I had swam to the top of the pool. Just then my uncle screamed: “She’s here….she’s here!” And pulled me out of the water.

That was an angel in the form of a frog, sent by God to save me. I could never forget that moment. Since then I learned how to swim like a frog and that’s the only way I can swim to this day.



157 thoughts on “An Angel Named Frog| فرشته ای به نام قورباغه

  1. Another of life’s miracles that we talked about in your last post. Even the smallest of creatures have lessons to teach us when we are ready to observe and learn.

    In Brazil, I fell in love with the two tiny frogs that my sons kept in their aquarium. The way they swam to the surface, then glided back to the bottom not only fascinated me, but also relaxed my mind after a stressful day at work.

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  2. That frog was not only an angel, but a prince…saving a damsel in distress! I’m so relieved that this story has a very happy ending. Your guardian angel must have worked overtime keeping you safe, so that you survived to tell these stories. Thank-you!

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  3. Love you . … love your stories….. love frogs…

    This poem is for your “angel frog” to his memory!!


    Abstract in nature, yet so very important to it. He is the warning sign,
    the innervision to peace or self-destruction. Calmly and confidently in
    eyes wide open he watches and protects the inner being of innocence
    and the beauty of nature inspires him to love and give. He is not ugly!
    And the prince is not a prince. But he can be crazy like a poet
    clinging to the words of Gods and Demons and the drama of your
    sneers and snickers of him.

    This is love for all of you stuck in boredom and the intense madness of our darkside.

    In the danger of the Forest he does not seperate his emotions. He struggles mightily to
    control his mind is open to suggestions if you really want to be
    human. Lean on me, he expresses sincerely, lean on me. The water
    has stopped breathing. The air is bleeding confusion. The Earth is
    beginning to swallow up the young.

    The threats of mass murder and
    extinction are all around him. But yet, he sits there as constant as
    ever, on that log, on that water, in that Forest, hoping, dreaming, and
    manifesting the reality that humility is a blessing and EVIL… cannot win!

    © Umar Bin Hassan

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  4. Sort of like how my dad was taught to swim in the 40s — he was just thrown into a pond. But at least he had someone (in theory) there to pull him out if he didn’t start swimming. How terrifying for you!

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  5. What a wonderful story, they say (the illusive they) nature provides the answers, we only have to see. I would simply adore to be able to swim like a frog, but we lose as adults the trust of our eyes. Lovely post Laleh.

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  6. Lovely story and breast stroke is the only stroke I ever mastered! My little sister fell in the fish pond when we visited an old couple. I got told off for not watching her, first I knew was when all the grown ups came rushing out into the garden, luckily they had seen it happen through the French doors! The old lady said I would get a black spot in the book in Heaven!

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  7. Wow! What a story! I was hoping one of those frogs was going to show you how to swim! I’ve never learned how to swim. If I’m ever in trouble in the water, I’ll try to remember to kick like a frog.

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