The Blind|روشن دل




A blind man was walking in a dark ally while carrying a clay pot of water on his shoulder and a lit lantern in his other hand.


A nosy person was passing in the opposite direction and as soon as he saw the blind man, he started laughing and making fun of him.


The nosy person said: “Maybe I should remind you that you are blind.”


The blind man tried to ignore him and just continued walking.


The nosy person added: “Why would a blind person need a light? To hope to see?”, he laughed loudly and continued: “In your eyes days and nights are just dark, what would this lantern do for you?”


The blind man smiled and replied: “My son, you are absolutely right that days and nights are always dark in my eyes. But I am not carrying this lantern to see what’s in front of me, I am carrying it so that dark minded people like you can see what is in front of them, to be careful not to hit me and break my clay pot. Smart people stay cautious of the unwise. I may be blind sighted, but you are blind minded.”



118 thoughts on “The Blind|روشن دل

  1. “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller. Your marvelous stories are always overflowing with wisdom. Thank-you!

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  2. Another beautiful story! 💜💛
    Actually I was in conversation with a totally blind lady today, as we were sharing the gospel of Christ she mentioned that in al years of blindness she has met so many “seeing” people that were as blind as her in life matters.
    Thank you Laleh 🌹

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  3. Thank you for the follow. Great story. I wonder if you combined the quote of asking strategic questions, and the ending of this story, you would get: The Blind Man could “see” the pain in the Rude Man’s heart (that was the reason for his rudeness) The Blind Man had compassion on the Rude Man and decided to be a friend to the Rude Man. (Whether the Rude Man reciprocated being a friend to the Blind Man or not). Now the Blind Man could use his gift of “seeing” into the hearts of negative people, and ask the Rude Man if the Blind Man could buy him a cup of coffee, and they both could laugh over the situation they found themselves in?

    This ending lacks the “zing” of the first story. But this is how I solve negative situations. Thank you for a great story.

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      1. Good day Laleh. There is much fear in America these days. I attribute many things to fears and emotional responses. It is impossible to have reasoned discourse and diplomacy. Many have abandoned the wonderful gifts of thought, consideration, civility and reason that God gifted us with. Instead they buy into a distorted news media and form fences around their minds. It is a simplistic “US” vs. “THEM” way of responding. It is at the root tribalistic and a big step backwards from what a civilized society should be.

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  4. …and may Iran continue to hold a lantern out before my country…I grieve our treatment of you. Thank you for visiting and following Spirituality Without Borders, Laleh. I appreciate your presence there.

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