Salty Coffee|قهوه شور



A young man spent lots of time in his favorite cafe and always kept an eye on a girl that he thought would be his perfect match. He finally dared to ask the girl if she’d let him buy a coffee for her and shared the table with her.


He was so happy and excited that he accidentally grabbed the salt by mistake and poured it into his coffee. The girl looked at him with shocked eyes, wondering what he was going.



Realizing what he had done, the young man didn’t want to have a weird first date impression, so he told her; “I grew up in a town surrounded by the sea and salty coffee reminds me of my childhood.”

The young couple fell in love after some time and got married.


Every time he wanted to drink a coffee, she stirred two teaspoon of salt in it to continue reminding him of his childhood.


Forty years passed and they lived happily in love until the husband got sick and was on his death bed. He told his wife that he had a confession to make.


He said: “I’m so sorry to say that I lied to you for forty years. I poured salt into my coffee accidentally on our first date. And when I saw your shocked face I made up a story so you wouldn’t think I am a fool. But you continued to pour salt into my coffee out of love and care.


I always hated the salty coffee, but the beautiful way you looked into my eyes when I sipped my awful tasting coffee made me drink it for forty years.


I would have continued drinking it for a million years just to see you look at me that way over and over again.”







151 thoughts on “Salty Coffee|قهوه شور

  1. Two teaspoons of salt in a cup of coffee is a lot to stomach. Love built on fear of losing the one loved cannot end well. As depicted in the final photo of the cup of salt topped with blood, all the salt he consumed over the years led to his death.

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      1. No, not that extreme.😊Actually where I live winter is quite mild some nights it may drop to minus 2 Celsius ( about 28 Fahrenheit). I love our winter. More enjoyable than summer. 😊

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      1. I like love stories and have collected real people’s​love stories in my life and journey through recent years.
        Laleh, my byline is:
        “Relationships​ reveal our hearts.” 💗

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      2. I should brush up on sharing more stories. I feel my schedule holds back on my writing.
        Laleh, I really enjoy reading your stories which hold wisdom and lessons within them. xo 💐 💕

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  2. Ah, such a sweet story! I love it, and I love that it comes with a photo of Think Coffee in New York, a place I used to go to for great coffee when I lived in NYC. What little I know if Iranian culture tells me it is very rich, with a long, deep history. I’m glad you’re doing this blog, and thank you for the follow.

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  3. My mother and father when they were dating before they were married once attended a wedding reception of one of my mother’s friends who got married.

    As they were sitting at their table waiting for desert after they had dinner, one of the servers had apparently forgotten to take a bowl of gravy off the table.

    When they started serving the wedding cake, my dad apparently mistook the gravy for a bowl of chocolate or hot fudge sundae sauce and proceeded to cover his slice of cake with it. 😂

    I wonder what my dad would have thought if my mother continued to pour gravy over a slice of cake every time my dad had it after they were married. 🤣

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  4. Why did this man wait to be on death bed to reveal he hated salty coffee? He was a liar who lived a life if pretence and lies. He must have lied to her about more other things. He was a perpetual liar. I admire the lady for consistency in serving him salty coffee for well over 40 years. She really loved him and always wanted to please him with what he ‘liked’ most, salty coffee? God bless the couple. How I wish I would engage with such a lady.

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