Let People Talk|اجازه دهید مردم صحبت کنند



An old man and his young son were heading to town with their donkey. Since the donkey was very old, the old man didn’t want to put too much heavy weight on its back, so only his son was riding on the donkey.



When they were passing by some people, they heard people whispering: “Shame on the young boy. He is riding on the donkey while the old man is walking.”


The old man’s son asked his father to switch places with him. The old man didn’t want to argue, so he switched spots with his son. They continued along their way when;

Some other person was passing by and whispered: “How selfish can a father be to ride a donkey when his son is walking in this hot weather.”



The son looked at the old man and said: “Maybe we should both sit on the donkey’s.”

So they did.


A little while passed and someone else saw them and of course had an opinion as they said quietly: “This is animal cruelty. Poor old donkey is carrying two egotistic, lazy humans.”

black-and-white-2798283_960_720 (1)

As the boy opened his mouth to give another opinion based on people’s thoughts, the old man said: “Best way to live life is to be careless about what people think. Always do what is right at that moment. Our donkey is old and you are less heavy than I am. You can either walk with me or ride on the donkey, no matter what others say. You can’t keep everyone satisfied so do what seems right to you.”




95 thoughts on “Let People Talk|اجازه دهید مردم صحبت کنند

  1. It is impossible to please everyone all of the time, sometimes it is difficult to please anyone at anytime. Everyone has an opinion, that is their right…but you need not be ruled by them, unless you choose to do so. Wonderful story that has very sound advice. Love the donkey pictures. Thank-you!

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  2. This is life wisdom which is often undervalued as many of us seem to live a life based a little too much on other people’s opinions. Follow your heart. How beautiful and liberating would that be. Thank you Laleh 😊❤️

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  3. That is so true! Life is too short to please everyone and worry about what others think. 😊 thanks for sharing this story 🙏 I went back to my childhood story days 😊 loved it 👌

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  4. It’s never possible to fulfil everybody’s expectations as all of ’em would have different perspectives of our situations. This is a beautiful story that I believe says more than what it’s words represent. 😊One quote I love and I can relate to this story :
    I lost myself trying to please everybody else and now I’ve lost everybody trying to find my own self .
    It is true that one must do what one thinks is right as people will always talk whatsoever happens!

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  5. I know this fable well, thanks for sharing!!.. 🙂

    “When someone tells you “you’ve changed”, it might be because you have stopped living your life their way”.. John Pence

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  6. Love this story! One because it has a donkey in it and I adore those animals and two, because like the story points out, we can’t please everyone and there is no point in trying to do so. Do what is right for you in that moment and move on in confidence. Thank you so much for sharing!

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