What Is Your Job?|شغل شما چیست؟



Once a friend, who is a successful pediatric Doctor was sharing an effective memory of his.


He said;

I was coming out of a bank very happy because I had just deposited a great amount of money out of my hard work.


In those days, there were no cell phones to make a phone call while you were out, you had to use public phones.


I didn’t have any change so I decided to get some change from the guy who had a little shop on the street. A not-so big cloth was spread on the ground with some batteries, and other small things.


I really didn’t need any of those things so I approached him and said: “Sorry, can I get some change please, I need to make a phone call,” and showed him my bill.


He smiled and gave me a coin from a separate jar and said: “No need to pay me, these coins are here for people who need to make a phone call. Just say ‘God bless.’”


Then I saw some other people taking coins from his jar and saying “God bless” and then going to the phone booth.

I asked the battery seller: “How much do you make to be able to donate this much money every day?!!”

He smiled and said: “I make $200 or more, and everyday I put $50 in the change jar. I’ve seen many people who’ve had to make a phone call and didn’t have change, so I decided to make this donation and help others this way. I make good money. I have enough to help others.”

I was so ashamed. I was embarrassed. This guy was making a little money and was donating one forth of it every single day, and I was making a fortune and had never done anything good for others.

I had to do something. His pure soul changed me.

From that day on I asked my in-need patients to pay me with a “God bless”.


What a great feeling and what a happy life I have had since.

GOD BLESS you my friend for teaching me how rich you were and how poor I was.



144 thoughts on “What Is Your Job?|شغل شما چیست؟

      1. This way – i know its a little bit hard to understand – i am a fan of POTUS and the us-american “stay ground” law. Give everyone a gun, but save the children, and we will have freedom. 😉 Michael

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  1. Beautiful story Laleh! ❤️ The happiness we get from helping others is different from making good money or having a nice holiday. It’s deeper and more heartfelt. Sometimes very touching. This is how I’ve felt and experienced.

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  2. Your story illustrates quite beautifully that true wealth is so much more than money or possessions. The two words “God Bless” are a gift that can be given and received. Thank-you for another story that reminds us of the things that matter most.

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  3. I like your story especially because “your” God does not have a name. Therefore it can be accepted by anyone all over the world. I personally think that there is just one God, only his name differs depending on the religion. Being good for others is so much more important than fighting for “the honour of God”.

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  4. Most people on this planet are POOR because few have been taught what truly enriches lives. Money is certainly necessary to pay essential bills; material possessions certainly accentuate a state of existence, but PURPOSE and MEANING in life creates PASSION and FULFILLMENT.

    All of us have heard these words; few of us have applied them to help make our lives complete. For so many, simply surviving another day of stress and anxiety is an accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be this way!

    Great story to share. Thank you.

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      1. I read on WordPress somewhere that if you put too many tags + categories they would not put your post on general pages for new readers, though it would still be visible to your followers. This applies for 15 and over tags + categories. Too many and you become invisible. Something like that, hard to explain really – not sure I understand it myself!

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  5. Hey Laleh, Namaste 🙂

    Yet another enriching story to nourish and feed a human heart with all it needs to feel contented and at peace. Thank you for sharing your treasure so freely.

    Hoping all is well wherever you be. Enjoy a wonderful weekend. Take care of one and all.

    Love and be Loved. Namaste 🙂


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  6. Dear Laleh, My late, dear mother,’s name was Lila – so similar to yours. She was a lovely lady, as it seems are you! What a beautiful gesture and story. I am a Humanist and believe in good not bad, but respect others point of view and beliefs. Here’s to peace and a caring humanity. x .

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