How do you look at the world around you?|چگونه به جهان اطراف خود نگاه می کنید؟



A woman was complaining a lot about her life to her mother, saying:

“-nights pass by so hard because my husband snores a lot.


-My daughter always complains while washing dishes.


-We pay a lot on taxes and its killing me.

-I come home very tired and exhausted.

-It’s so hard to mop the floor and clean the windows.


-When I get sick, it is frustrating, I don’t have time for that.


-Buying gifts for Christmas is so annoying, I don’t like it.

-I hate waking up early in the morning by my alarm.”

When she stopped to sip her tea, her mom said: “I remember experiencing all of these frustrating life challenges as well. But I looked at them all in a different way and with an opposite attitude. I remember I thanked God every night for;

-My husband is snoring, that means he is alive.

-My daughter is mumbling while washing the dishes, that means she is at home safe.


-We pay lots of taxes, that means we have jobs.


-I come home tired at the end of the day, that means I was capable of doing hard work.

-I have to mop and wash the windows, that means I own a home and I have shelter.


-When I get sick sometimes, it reminds me to be thankful for the healthy days.

-When it is time to buy gifts for Christmas, it means I have loved ones around me.

-When I have to get up early with an alarm, that means I have the chance to see another day.”



The mother sipped her tea and continued: “It is completely up to us my dear, how to look at the world around us.”






34 thoughts on “How do you look at the world around you?|چگونه به جهان اطراف خود نگاه می کنید؟

  1. I love how you tell stories, Laleh. Every time your blog shows up in my reader, I hurry to come so I can read your story. 😉
    My mom snored loudly. We used to joke about it; now we miss it a lot.
    Have a great day.

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