How much is a house in heaven?|قیمت یک خانه در بهشت چنداست؟



Once upon a time, the queen of Gem-Land was walking around with her servants when she saw a poor guy sitting on the ground drawing some lines on dirt with his finger while kids were circled around him.



The queen asked him: “What are you doing?”

He responded: “I am building a home.”

The queen said: “Are you willing to sell your home?”

He said: “Yes.” and gave a price to the queen.

The queen asked her servants to provide the money and pay the full amount. She bought the imaginary house of his. The simple guy gave all the money that he earned to the poor neighbors around him right away.



That same night, the king had a dream that he was dead and was trying to get into a beautiful house but the guards wouldn’t let him in. When he asked the reason they said: “This house belongs to the queen.”


When the king woke up the next day, he described his dream to everyone.

The queen told him about the story of the simple man and the imaginary house.

Everyone at the palace believed that the king’s dream was related to the generosity of the queen.

The king didn’t want to be left behind so he went to find that simple minded poor man whose job was sitting around and drawing houses on the dirt.


The king and his solders found the guy and the king said: “I am here to buy your house.”

The poor guy said a price that was mind blowing.

The king objected and said: “You sold a house to the queen yesterday with an affordable amount?! Why is your price so high today?!”


The simple guy responded: “The queen bought the house out of kindness. But you want to buy a house to be able to replace it with a house in heaven.”

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