Tiny House|خانه کوچک

Once upon a time, there was a poor man living in a tiny house with his wife and five children. The house was so small that it only had one room which they used as their kitchen, living room and bedroom.


In his very small yard he had a cow, a goat and a few chickens. Their living space was putting them under pressure; it was very hard to sleep at night with all seven of them in one room, making them complain each and every night.

One day he decided to go to their village’s wise man and asks him what to do.


The wise man listened to his situation and told him: “Take the chickens to your room tonight to sleep with all of you.” The poor man said: “But we already don’t have enough space for ourselves.”

The wise man said: “If you want your problem to be solved, do as I tell you.”

That night, the poor man took the chickens inside.


The poor man and his family didn’t get a single minute of sleep that night. He went to the wise man again the next day and told him all about their difficult night.

The wise man said: “Tonight, you should take the goat and the chickens in your room.”


The poor man left angrily, but did what he was told. That night was a nightmare as well, so he went to the wise man the next morning.

The wise man said: “Tonight, your cow is coming to your room as well as the goat and chickens.”


The poor man mumbled and left. That tiny room didn’t have enough space to fit the cow so everyone where standing side by side until the morning.

The next day the wise man said: “Tonight, take all of your animals outside and sleep, come to me tomorrow and let me know what happened.”

The poor man and his family slept comfortable all night without any problems. The next morning he went to the wise man and said that he never had such a wonderful sleep in years.

The wise man said: “This is exactly how we are. When we have something, we don’t appreciate it. If we lose it then we realize how precious it was. We need to be patient and thankful for what we have.”

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      1. 🙂 I’m glad you have found my blog, as I’m interested in Iranian culture & traditions & costumes and it was a big problem for me to find somebody who could enlighten me about these topics.

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